North Andrew Athletic Booster Club

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The Booster Club has helped in the purchasing of many items that have been used by the North Andrew High School and Middle School athletic programs. One such purchase was in 2005 when the Booster Club helped with the cost on the installation of motors on the gymnasium bleachers. 

The Booster Club is also proud to support the athletic award banquet honoring students involved in athletics at North Andrew High School.


  Major projects that have been completed with the help of the North Andrew Athletic Booster Club:
*Purchased palm pilots for all sports teams to use to track their stats more easily.
*Purchased a field line sprayer for the football field.
*Helped with the purchase of the motorization of the gymnasium bleachers and basketball hoops.
*Purchased stat software.
*Purchased basketball warm-ups.
*Purchased capes for the football team .
*Purchased a breakaway banner and tumbling mat for the cheerleaders.
*Purchased a football rope grid.
*Purchased equipment bags for softball.
*Purchased softball fence netting.
*Purchased long jump and triple jump runways.
*Purchased three starting blocks for track.
*Assisted in the purchase of an audio player sports music/sound FX player
*Purchased incrediballs for softball.
*Purchased a field marking kit for the football and softball field.